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Fuzzy Rump Records is a Seattle-based music label created by Rob Brennan, with a vision of providing live entertainment production and a community of artist development. The flagship artists on the label are a hard rock band, Wyatt Olney & The Wreckage, and Platypoose, a solo hybrid music project inspired by jam bands, hard rock and jamtronica. 
Rob asked me to create a logo and visual identity that capture the label's unapologetically creative, playful, and hard rock personality. The logo needed to resonate with jam band, hard rock, and EDM fans, as well as PNW artists, venues, and producers. For inspiration he pointed me to a beloved stuffed animal. That helped bring out the playful side of the brand, and I customized ATF Headline Gothic Round to create the logotype, which brings out the rock and roll.

Logo formats

The primary colors are purple and black, with red as an accent color. Red and black can be used together to create a nightclub ambiance.

Color palette

Color combinations

The Fuzzy Rump monogram is an additional asset that can be used as a favicon due to its scalability and readability, or as a social media avatar. We also created a badge that would look right at home on a t-shirt or packaging. 



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