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Launched in spring 2019, Ellemichelle is a Seattle-based clothing-retail company founded by Lana Block to solve the packing issues of the modern urban traveler. Airline restrictions in bag weight and size, along with the prices the airlines charge for extra luggage can make it a challenge to pack and leave little room for bringing home souvenirs. Ellemichelle's solution is fashionable, lightweight travel clothing that can be used for multiple looks, packs well, and is easy to hand wash when on the go. Lana enlisted me to design a visual identity for Ellemichelle that captures the brand's trendy, fun and versatile attitude.


Ellemichelle clothing is reversable, pairing a solid color on one side with a vibrant pattern on the other. Pieces can be worn separately, together, or integrated with a woman's current wardrobe to create multiple outfit options. Ellemichelle's new logo reflects this versatility, with its ability to stand alone or overlay a bold pattern.
I worked with Lana to create a visual identity that represents the fun and excitement that comes with vacation travel to a cosmopolitan city, but also reflects the high quality of Ellemichelle's design and craftsmanship. She wanted the logo to be clean, modern, simple and bold, and to capture the feeling of escape and dreaming that vacation evokes.
To accomplish this we:
- Designed a distinct logo that stands out in the marketplace yet looks right at home in the fashion industry.
- Selected a vibrant and bold color palette that brings to mind a chic hotel pool and the bright coral lipstick you bought for your trip.
- Created variations of the logo that pop on social media profile lists and Instagram stories.
Learn more about Ellemichelle and do some shopping for your next trip at

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