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CascadiaJS is an annual conference for JavaScript developers. It was started in 2012 by my husband, Carter Rabasa, to better connect and celebrate the work of the developer communities across the region. CascadiaJS has been held in Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia, and returned to Seattle (where it started) for the 2018 and 2019 events.
Our goal when designing the look of the conference each year is to respect its independent spirit, Pacific Northwest origins, and community of diverse JavaScript developers. I illustrated a series of PNW-inspired icons to represent the three main reasons developers attend CascadiaJS: to level up their career, grow their network, and have fun. These icons were used in the logo, in animated gifs used to promote the conference, on presentation slides, printed on hoodies and badges, and of course, on stickers.

Selection of slides

Stage. Photo by Brady Harvey

For color I drew inspiration from photos of a family road trip we took down the Pacific Coast Highway, from Seattle to San Francisco and back. The ocean, tidal pools, cloudy skies, campfires and sunsets are captured in our palette. It also represents the safe and inclusive environment that we work hard to provide for everyone.

Color palette

Photos by Brady Harvey

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