I'm an experienced UX and Brand Designer based in Seattle. I take the time to understand the business and user perspectives and design simple, modern experiences that meet those needs. I'm looking for my next opportunity and can be reached at carrie@rabasa.com

"I have really enjoyed working with Carrie again on the Orders UX request.  In all of the meetings and interactions, she is calm, thorough, supportive, knowledgeable, positive and engaging.  Those attributes are not unique to this project, as that has been my general experience in the past years.  My regret is that I don’t get to work with her more often!"
-Amanda N, Product Manager​​​​​​​
"Carrie is always a pleasure to work with! Of the skills and knowledge areas listed below, Carrie excels at the following:
- Observe, listen and ask why
- Collaborate, facilitate and negotiate
- Design tools and techniques"
- Mary U, Business Analyst​​​​​​​
"Below are a few items that come to mind for Carrie:
- She ensures that requirements are understood in the beginning of a project by confirming with team mates and then relaying that back to the stakeholder to get confirmation.
- I feel she’s great at presenting concepts, using excellent speaking skills to convey the vision for design.  When she gives an overview of a design, she explains the thought behind it and the benefits of the design which I feel allows the audience to better understand the concept.  Her tone and method of explaining always keeps me interested in what she has to say.
- She was a pleasure to work with throughout our rollout and was very responsive to providing different graphics, icons, and suggestions for teasers for the launch. The designs of the teasers were some of my favorite work that I’ve seen.  They felt modern, had a great sense of humor to them and appeared to peak interest in the launch based on feedback we received."
-Marty G, Developer​​​​​​​
"I’ll try not to gush, but I am a big fan of Carrie.  :)
She has played a big role in improving the Visibility UX over several years.  Carrie has been very reliable at exploring UX changes deeply to find what works best for our customers.  She is a savvy user of other web sites and regularly cites these as examples and inspiration for innovations here."
- Richard S, Developer
More about me
I live in Seattle with my husband, two kids and a labradoodle named Otto. When I'm not designing things I'm exploring the Pacific Northwest with my family,  reading a good book, or watching the latest episode of White Lotus. I love running, gardening, drawing, and building things. I'm also a co-organizer for CascadiaJS. I quit coffee and lived to tell about it. 
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