CascadiaJS Logo Design and Identity

2018 logo

November 2018

CascadiaJS is an annual conference for JavaScript developers. It was started in 2012 by my husband, Carter Rabasa, to better connect and celebrate the work of the developer communities across the region. CascadiaJS has been held in Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia, and returned to Seattle (where it started) for the 2018 event.

We run CascadiaJS for the benefit of developers and the developer community. We care about helping people break into tech, learn new skills, meet interesting people and have fun with each other. We are proud to provide a platform for new and diverse voices in our industry.

From the CascadiaJS website

For prior years of the conference I was strictly an observer, watching Carter and his co-organizers put an enormous amount of work and heart into every detail. In 2018 Carter invited me to participate as a designer, to create a new logo and visual identity. Our goal was to redesign the look of the conference while respecting its independent spirit, Pacific Northwest origins, and community of diverse JavaScript developers.

We landed on stickers for our inspiration. Look at the back of many developers' laptops and you'll see at least one, and often many, stickers. They paint a picture of conferences attended, coding languages, and brand mascots. They transform a cold, gray laptop into a canvas of personal expression. But most of all, they're just fun! A few months prior Carter reached out to the dev community requesting stickers for our daughter Catherine, a budding developer herself. The response was amazing, so you could say the sticker theme just stuck with us.

We used this colorful and quirky sticker theme on the conference website, social media accounts, banners, slide deck design, and other promotional materials. For the conference badges, attendee hoodies, and speaker beanies, we created a much more subtle look. We wanted these items to relate to the overall conference design, but we also really wanted to give attendees and speakers a souvenir they would want to wear after the conference was over.

Being a part of the conference was a really fulfilling and positive experience for me. I'm not a developer, but I felt very welcomed into this community. I'm proud of the work that Carter and I created, together.

Carter on stage
Hoodie closeup
Em and beanie
Catherine in front of banner
Logo projected in event space